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Symbiosis Workshop 2013

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Symbiosis Workshop 2013
an integrative meeting of biologists focusing on symbiosis research
Co-organized by Mónica Medina (UC Merced) and Joel Sachs (UC Riverside)


Sierra Nevada Research Institute, Yosemite National Park,
May 25-26, 2013.
*If paying by check, please make sure to send us an email to keep an eye out for your payment.
Title: "Relentless Coevolutionary Dynamics"
Abstract: We now know that coevolution is not a slow and stately process. It is often fast and relentless at every temporal and spatial scale. We have evidence of rapid coevolutionary change in environments ranging from relatively simple microcosms to complex communities in nature. The process generates ever-shifting mosaics of adaptation and counter-adaptation across ecosytems. Most coevolutionary changes do not lead to sustained directional change in species, but they are ecologically important and evolutionarily crucial as the means by which populations persist. It is likely that we are still underestimating the rates and importance of ongoing coevolution among interacting species. 
Key information for our 3rd annual meeting:
Why: We again had a very successful event last year! This inspired us to keep the momentum going. Our goal is continue these meetings every year at Yosemite to better integrate scientists that focus on symbiosis research. The last couple of years, the event was funded by the University of California (Office of the President and UC Merced Office of Research) enabling us to bring people from all over the state and the Western US. We would like to attract participants from the rest of the country for what promises to become an important regional meeting for our discipline. This year we are still trying to keep costs down, so please be prepared to share quaint but rustic facilities at a field station.
Who: We plan this meeting to be small by design (<50) and seek to gather scientists interested in cooperation and symbiosis. Last year the workshop covered a range of symbiosis topics from ecology and evolution to molecular mechanisms. We have made reservations for approximately 45 attendees (though more options are available for anyone who would like to stay nearby). We would like to make room for a diverse group of people so we will initially accept up to 3 lab members per group (including the PI) on a first come first served basis.
When: The meeting will be held May 25th-26th, though we hope that attendees will arrive on Friday to enjoy the park. We will schedule talks for part of each day so that there is plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful Yosemite Valley and environs. Since time at the conference is limited, we will ask attendees to submit an abstract and a preference (talk versus poster). We will hope to give everyone their first preference, but some of the attendees might be asked to submit posters if there is a limitation in talk slots. Abstract and early bird registration are due on February 1st.
Where: The talks and all meals will take place at the community center in Wawona, California which just within the South Entrance of Yosemite National Park and part of the Sierra Nevada Research Institute (SNRI). SNRI has a set of cabins throughout Wawona and all within a short walk of the community center.
Costs: Grad students $180, Postdocs $200, PIs $220 by January 15. grad students $220, postdocs $240, PIs $260 after January 15. This fee will cover both lodging and food. Last year the food was excellent so we hope to maintain a high level of quality this year too!


Please register here. 
You can look at the program for 2011 here and for 2012 here.
UPDATED November 19, 2012